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It's all a dream...

3 August 1975
Currently I am at home with 2 young children, taking a year off from school and getting well. Broke my leg late summer and am on the road to recovery. It's an interesting story, really :)

Tarot Cards
Queen of Hearts
Divinatory Meanings: Firey, passionate and devoted in all that she does, this is a character of undeniable strength. Don't let her seemingly sweet behaviour and tremendous capacity of caring deceive you. She is Queen, and being so, expects to be treated as such. For those for care to delve deeper, they will find one truly capable of seeing all sides to a situation. A deeply caring and sweet individual. She wishes to assist and has a great talent for helping others through relation of her own experience. Through her stories, she hopes to enlighten and assist others who are not as far in their divinatory path. For those that are further along, she aides by helping them remember where they have come from, and where they still wish to go. She recognizes and appreciates beauty in all forms. Humanity, art, music and nature. She is deeply spiritual, and it is her spirit that she keeps most private. A sexual being who has learned to enjoy sex for what it is worth and let go of the trappings and rules those outside would try to set on her.
Reversed: Beware the person who angers this kind soul. Disappointment is a poison in which she has yet to learn to tolerate. In circumstances where this has happened she has become bitter, angry and even vengeful. Afterall, one could not be balanced any other way. With great love comes also hate. The true test is whether she can overcome the negative emotions and turn to the positive. This is her battle and her journey.
Element - Fire: The Queen embraces the element of fire. The athame; that which can create, cleanse, and then destroy. That which can warm and comfort, or burn deeply.

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